About Me

I am a professional graphic designer with a wide-ranging experience from publication to traditional print to multi-media.

For three years, I was the sole designer for a bimonthly magazine, which gave me an extensive education in publication layout, typography, and the practicalities of print design and prepress. While I worked for the magazine, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity for a major redesign of the title, which allowed me to stretch my design skills and try new concepts.

I had additional experience with a wider variety of design projects and audiences working as a full-time graphic designer in the public relations department of a major law firm. My work there included presentations, ads, in-house communications, invitations, and event materials.

My freelance design business focuses on logo and promotional designs for small businesses; and adoptive parent profiles, working in partnership with Missouri adoption agency A Gift of Hope Adoptions. However, I enjoy working on all kinds of design. Have another kind of project in mind? Please contact me and I would be glad to discuss your design needs.

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