I offer custom design of logos, corporate identities, brochures and flyers, advertisements in any medium, invitations, newsletters, and adoption profiles. This may include the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Creating advertising campaign concepts
  • Selection and purchase of appropriate stock photography and illustration
  • Assistance with printing and production, including pre-press optimization
  • Formatting designs for various other purposes, such as use online

I specialize in helping small businesses, organizations, or churches who need quality design services without big agency fees. Whatever you need, no matter how small or big, I will devote my best efforts to helping you.

My fees are based on a standard hourly rate, but totals will depend on the complexity of your project. I would be happy to discuss your design needs and give you an estimate, even if you’re not sure where to start. Please contact me.

Adoption Profiles

With everything that’s on your mind as a potential adoptive parent, the idea of creating and producing an appealing adoption profile may be somewhat overwhelming. I am here to help you.

As with any other design project, I begin with consultation, either in person if possible, or via email and phone. Each couple or family is different and has their own style. I try to sense what sets you apart. It’s my job to help the birth parents get to know you through the pages of your profile. Profiles may be elegant and simple, colorful and whimsical, or sweet and charming, depending on the personality of the couple or family the profile represents.

I like to start with design concepts for the cover of the profile, so later I can carry that theme throughout the interior pages. I discuss with my clients their ideas and vision for what they want the profile to look like, then I put together 3-5 cover designs for their feedback.

Once we have a cover design I start layout out the interior pages. This is the point where I will need some content from you: your photos and text. I can accept either digital photos, or I can scan hard copy photos, whichever is easiest for you. You should also send me the text you’ve written to tell your story. I can help you edit it if necessary.

For more about the design process for adoption profiles, how you can get started, and ideas for writing text and gathering photos, read my tips sheet. (PDF, 152kb)

Please browse the profile designs in my portfolio, then contact me if you are interested in discussing a profile design.

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